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Giving Back to SecondBite

We are proud to announce our partnership with food rescue organisation, SecondBite.

Beginning in December 2018, our partnership with SecondBite started when our Centre Management staff volunteered at our annual Christmas Wrap station, where 100% of funds were donated to the charity organisation.  

Since the opening of our fresh food precinct, the partnership evolved and we have been collecting fresh produce for SecondBite since July 2019. To date, we have donated over one tonne of food. All food donated to SecondBite is ready for consumption, it might just be bruised or marked which some customers avoid buying.

We are now looking at expanding our support for people in need with fresh food, by setting up a donation station for customers to donate their fresh produce they are not going to use. *Further details on this will be announced at a later date.

If you would like to contribute to SecondBite, simply spend $50 in Fresh Food and make a gold coin donation for a Cooler Bag. All funds are donated to SecondBite. 

There are many reasons this partnership is beneficial and we are proud to continue our work with SecondBite.  

For more information on SecondBite and how you can get involved please visit:

Large cooler bags are now available for a gold coin donation! All funds are donated to SecondBite.

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