Secondbite Food Donation


Since 2019, Belmont Forum has partnered with SecondBite to rescue food that would otherwise go to waste. Fresh produce that is bruised, oddly shaped or has broken packaging has been given a second life.

Customers can help those in need by simply making an additional purchase of fruit or vegetables or non-perishable food and placing it in the SecondBite donation station, located in Fresh Food precinct. Your donations will be distributed by SecondBite to local charities to help feed those in need.


Did you know 25% of Australia’s food goes to waste, whilst 20% of Australians experienced hunger last year. Since partnering with SecondBite, our retailers and customers have donated: 

  • Over 30,000kgs of fresh produce
  • Over 60,000 meals have been made with the fresh produce and distributed to local charities

The donated produce, has been diverted from landfill as end of day produce or bruised, odd shape or damaged packaging. SecondBite provide the donations to local charities who create nourishing meals or  emergency relief packages or fill community pantries.